We make clothes for you and all your moods. We’re here for you when you have a crazy week at work or a crazy weekend after a hectic work week or a day full of chores, long family vacations and the post-break up movie & ice cream marathons in the bedroom. We’ve got you covered – literally!

There’s never been a better time to redefine what constitutes ‘feminine’. And we are having a lot of fun playing around with these ideas. The inherent gravitation towards the cute and dainty is challenged by the bold, boxy, and asymmetrical. While the stripes and florals jostle for space, the pastels and bright reds have agreed to coexist.

As we rediscover what it means to be women in the India of today, there’s compelling sartorial inspiration deep within our own history. We draw massively from the beauty of many things of heritage – maximal prints, paisleys, and myriad of colours to choose from.

But none of this would matter if you couldn’t wear our clothes! At Zachi, we strive to make our products accessible in every way. We make clothes from size 4 to 26 in all kinds of silhouettes because we truly believe that your measurements should not determine your fashion choices.

Zachi prides itself in the high quality of material and construction of each product. The humans at Zachi believe in honest and accessible pricing. We want you to wear our clothes. We want real people to wear Zachi!